NFTにはまる! -20230206-0225

2023.02.25 Metaverse Marine Video Gallery

2023.02.21 メタバース(仮想空間)バージョン付きNFTマリンフォトギャラリー開設

📸 Our new NFT Marine Photo Gallery is now open! Dive into the metaverse version and explore photos & videos of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa's breathtaking sea life.🌊🐠

🎁 Be one of the first 20 people to purchase an NFT work and receive a free snorkeling guide (not-incl. equipment) at Yonehara Beach! Plus, an animated club logo with NFT certification will be given away.



2023.02.15 今日のNFTマリンフォト: 大崎タチイ浜で出会った海がめ2頭のランデブー


Today's Marine NFT is a rendezvous of two sea turtles I met at Osaki Tachii Beach last year. I don't see it very often so it was impressive.
Sorry, it's an Instagram NFT, so there's no sound.

2023.02.15 NFTのクラブロゴ作ってみました



NFTマリンフォトギャラリーにウミガメコレクションを追加しました。 亀好きさん、集まれ!

I made an NFT club logo for fun. It's digital, so it's like a video~😅

I don't think I'll use it because it's ugly 💦

Sea Turtle Collection has been added to NFT Marine Photo Gallery. Turtle lovers, assemble!

2023.02.12 今日のNFTマリンフォトギャラリー: 米原ビーチで撮ったシマハギの大群


Today's marine NFT.
A large flock of striped tangs dancing at Yonehara Beach.

Sorry for no BGM on Instagram's Digital Collectible. You can listen to BG on the Opensea site.

2023.02.10 今日のマリンNFT: グルクマトルネードの動画


Today's marine NFT is a video of Gurkuma Tornado. After all, there is no BGM in Instagram's digital collectible. You can listen to BG on the Opensea site.

2023.02.08 今日のNFTマリンフォト: 米原ビーチで撮影したミジュントルネード


石垣島の米原ビーチ東端で遭遇した視界を遮る圧巻のミジュン大群。ミジュンは小イワシで英語では「Bluestripe herring」。

At the eastern end of Yonehara Beach on Ishigaki Island, I encountered a large swarm of Mijun that blocked my view. Mijun is a small sardine and means "Bluestripe herring" in English.

2023.02.07 今日のNFT画像: 鳩間島から石垣島に戻るヨットから見たサンセット




If you post an NFT image using Instagram's digital collective function, the image will have an effect and it will be quite beautiful. Also, if you click the icon at the bottom left of the image, part of the image description and NFT information will pop up.

Well, today's NFT image is the sunset seen from the yacht returning from Hatoma Island to Ishigaki Island. Watching the sun sink into the horizon over the ocean is also exceptional.

2023.02.06 NFT画像化した写真を投稿


In the fall of last year, I heard that Instagram was compatible with NFT, so I immediately posted a photo that was converted into an NFT image (also called minting). The image is Ishigaki Island AloAlo Beach. Instagram is also conscious of Web 3.0 ~ 🎵

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